up bubble up

emma turns 13 months tomorrow.

and, on the eve of this milestone, she decided to say a new word and combine two of her now four-word vocabulary.

she was in the bathtub this evening and, while playing, she said BUBBBBB   BBBBBLLEEE ....BUBBB....BBBB....BBBBUUUBBBB  BBBBBLLL.

she repeated this about ten times as she shook her hands to stir up the bubbles in her little tub.

upon witnessing this, her grandmommy did a little dance. and, well, her mama (that would be me), squealed.

then, she said




so, now on the eve of 13 months, emma can say:

dada, bubb buublll, up, and (on a rare occassion) a variation of hi. (more like hhhhaaaaaaaa).

we're so proud of our little apple cheeks.

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  1. That "haaaaaaa" thing Emma says is Southern for "hi", as is "ha, how are ya?". It comes from her dada's people. She is so cute. Grandpa smiles every time I visit Emma's blog. What a little sweetie!!