an apple cheeks food journal: week of july 4

if you had a window into our home for a week, you would be witness to lots of mayhem...particularly around emma's meal time.

she gets jazzed. she gets razzed. she gets pretty darn excited about food.

when she's hungry, once she's sitting in her high chair, she goes mad for food. she pounds her fists and squeals and laughs and waits hungrily for the first bite.

and, when you give it, you instantly know whether you did well or not.  meaning, the food passes our little apple cheeks' refined culinary sensibilities or NOT.

so, in the spirit of sharing in the hopes that someone out there might glean something from our little e's food intake habits, here's some of what has worked in the last week:

exhibit 1:  the veggie medley
verdict:  WORKED, resoundingly worked.


some fingerling potatoes
some carrots
some cherry tomatoes
some yellow heirloom tomatoes
frozen peas, thawed
some fresh parsely, basil, and rosemary
some olive oil
a splash of sherry wine vinegar
fresh ground pepper

steam veggies together in the BEABA. then pulse steamed veggies until semi-pureed, add peas, some fresh tomato, herbs, olive oil, vinegar and pepper. 

exhibit 2:  mama's gazpacho (adapted from a Bon Apetit recipe)
verdict: WILD success


roast four pounds roma tomatoes in olive oil.sea salt.pepper in 450 degree oven.
roast four large red onions (same as above)
roast five red peppers (same as above)
once all roasted (about 1 hour) peel off tomato skins and charred red pepper skins and discard.
poor pan juices and roasted veggies in blender. blend all.
add 2 cups of cold water to mix.
add a few splashes of hot pepper sauce
add three or four tablespoons of sherry wine vinegar.
chill overnight.

witness:  the apple cheeks stamp of approval (a contented, food-covered face)

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  1. LOVE "the apple cheeks stamp of approval."

    Really all you need is for your children to enjoy it.

    Your daughter is beautiful and thank you for sharing her with us.

    I am in the Circle of Moms Top 25 Family Blog run and saw your blog. So I stopped by after I left a vote for you :)