taking it to the streets...

so, Apple Cheeks McGillicutty, and her namesake emma, and emma's mama and dada, are going on a little excursion this weekend.

where to, you ask?

we're not sure.

all we know is that we are packing:

1. soy milk - because e's finally transitioned from formula and can't have dairy yet, so soy it is.
2. a LOT of diapers (that really should be number 1)
3. some toys and some books
4. her sweet pea (picture to come forthwith in her favorites section)
5. some mumums (a rice husk organic snack), some dried fruit, e's kamut cereal, and some other food items for the road and eating utensils
6. a bag of clothes and toiletries
7. crayons, a drawing book, finger paints, and some markers
8. the BOB (stroller)
9. a pack-and-play
10. mama's computer and camera (and dada's even bigger camera)

and, we're going where our fancy takes us. 

we have set a budget (more on that later), identified a general geographic region, and decided that we have to be able to get there - wherever there is - by car and within a four hour timeframe, give or take a half an hour...and, that's all we have planned.

i promise to try to keep you posted along the way.

stay tuned....

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