friday fun stuff

happy friday!  i want to share a few things that put a smile on my face this week:

1. in a recent trip to the children's library in our community, i met an eight-year-old boy, his mother, and his two younger sisters. he was having a great time playing with the younger children at the library, including our little apple cheeks. when he saw emma using sign language to communicate with me, he asked what she was saying. when i told him, he said:  "she's so smart! i wish i knew how to speak sign language. some of my friends do, but i don't know how. it's so cool. how did she learn?"  then, he begged his mother to check-out some Signing Time videos. pretty awesome, right?

2. through our local Down syndrome Network listserve, someone shared this story about a 10-month-old girl with Down syndrome who is the new face of a designer swimwear ad campaign. very cool!

3. emma and i stumbled upon the most amazing park for children of all abilities. Clemyjontri Park, in Fairfax, Virginia, is designed so that children of all abilities - from those who are wheelchair bound to those with sensory or developmental disabilities - can play easily and safely. check it out!

apple cheeks' mama