on what your Google searches say about your life

after my antiquated cellphone of four years or so died a sad but expected death, my husband insisted i join the rest of the modernized world and use an iPhone.

in short time, it's become something of an addiction. i Google everything. all the time. no matter how large or small the quandry.

i mention this not because it's so interesting to know that i Google so much. but, because, i kind of think our internet searches say a little about the state of our lives in any given moment.

take, for instance, my five searches last friday:

1. how much weight can a 24 pound child lift safely?*
2. chiggers on children
3. how to tell if your dog is in pain
4. how to put out a grease fire
5. meditation demos

enough said.

*in physical therapy, emma uses weighted balls to improve her low muscle tone.

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