is there anything better than when your 23-month-old scurries over to her bin of books, riffles through them to find her newest favorite, then climbs into your lap and holds your hand as you read?

happy tuesday,
apple cheeks' mama


a happy birthday wish to dada from emma


you are my favorite person. in. the. world.

you are loving, and gentle, and kind.

you share with me your love of music.

you have taught me to be a master climber.

you are the best reader-of-stories i know.

your smile makes me giggle with delight.

when you leave for work in the morning, i wave bye bye long after you are gone.

and when you come home in the evening, i smile a smile so bright, it sometimes brings tears to your eyes.

thank you for being the best daddy an apple cheeks could ever ask for.

happy birthday, daddy.