i paint because i can

if you've read any of my recent posts, you know our little apple cheeks has had a tough time of late.

she's seen the doctor more times than i can count in the past week. been to the hospital. is on lots of medicines.

still stuffy, congested, gagging when she eats, not sleeping much, feverish...sick...

this has meant that a lot of her therapy and other activities, like Gymboree and time at the children's library in the area, have gone by the wayside.

but, there was one thing we could do today that added a little levity to emma's experience.

it was the one thing she had the energy to do:  slather her hands in some non-toxic, children's finger paints and go to town.

it was the first smile i've seen on her face in many days.

here's our little artist at work:

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