status: 14 months

vocabulary to-date:

dada (consistently);

mama (mostly when upset);

up (a rarity employed only when she really means business - as in GET ME OUT OF THIS CAR SEAT NOW!);

bottle (uttered as bo bo bo ba ba ba);

moo (cows are a recent favorite toy of hers);

oink (for the pink pig she plays with when the special educator comes to the house for therapy);

bubble (so rare these days, and comes out as bubububububububububub, but that's pretty darn close!)

and as of now,


yep, our little apple cheeks has two 80-pound Labradors as playmates who she loves and who love on her, but, alas,

there's no woof woof yet.

nope, its meow. and, she's only been around a cat once.

of course, most of these "words" when uttered are approximations on the sounds; the only clear word (as it has been from the start, much to my chagrin) is DADA.

but, wow.

our little girl is starting to speak.

and the sign language - forget about it! she's mastered "more" and "all done" and hi and bye and drink.

i can't wait till tomorrow to hear or see her say her next word.

mama's pride: bountiful! 

ps: if you want to find a great set of stuffed farm animals to work with, IKEA has a very affordable option. emma carries her cow, bull, and pig around with her constantly.

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