it's raining, it's pouring, yet emma is not snoring

do you have a child who refuses to take naps?

i do.

our little apple cheeks mcg (my new nickname for her pseudonym) recently decided that, among many other things, she is now in her ripe old age of 14 plus months too old to sleep twice daily, thank you very much.

one of my friends recently said her daughter, who is around the same age, stopped napping all together recently. so, she climbed in the crib with her, pleading that her little one sleep just a bit.

i haven't climbed in a crib yet, but i have sung so many songs, given so many bottles (not in one setting mind you), taken so many walks, and rocked in her rocking chair for so long that i am now tempted.

especially on a day like today - it's actually raining. really raining. storming in fact.

we've had our feeding therapy session already, gone to Children's Hospital to see the ENT, and had a hearing evaluation.

and, mama is tired. the doggies are tired. but, emma - not so much.

instead, at one point this afternoon, she was on the floor petting one of our dogs, and after I turned around to greet my sister at the door, we discovered emma climbing on top of the dozing dog, practically straddling him as if a pony ready to ride.

he didn't move an inch, but as she giggled and climbed off of him, he did look up at me with his droopy eyes, as if to say really?

yes, sweet doggie of mine, really. our little apple cheeks mcg has gotten her groove back post virus, and now she's not about to sleep through a day of fun. so, neither are we.

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