bread therapy

have you baked a loaf of bread recently?


me, either. i haven't since over a year ago. i tend to do it around holidays and foresake the rest of the year, reserving it only for "special occassions," as though everyday life isn't special enough.

but, my husband has. for years he has told me about these bread-baking skills he has, but i always looked at him kind of dubiously because he's a busy guy, an amazing father, has a full-time job, and goes to school pretty much full-time, too. so, bread-baking hasn't exacltly been at the top of his to-do list.

until now.

in the past two weeks, he's baked us four loaves of beautiful, yeasty, wonderful, warm bread.

there's nothing better.

emma agrees. the doggies agree.

it's made the house seem cozier, our lives seem richer, our bellies feel more satiated, and our communal eating enjoyment all the more pleasureable.

so, thanks, emma's dada for making our often chaotic house feel like a home.

love, apple cheeks (via mama)

ps: want recipes? have to visit "apple cheeks- approved recipes" in the near future for those yeasty yummies!

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  1. I can attest that it tasted as good as it looked. DELICIOUS! Keep baking!