day two of stay-at-home mamahood

my state of being in one wordexhausted.

and, as i write this, it's only 2:00 PM.

oh, boy, am i in for it.

before i go further, let me provide some context here.

i've worked much of my entire life. my first job? probably around 9 when I started babysitting for money for nearby neighbors.

my highschool years were punctuated by waitressing and telemarketing jobs, on top of the "pro bono" work i did for my father's fledgling business at the time.

so, anyway.

i worked throughout college - often holding two jobs (coffee shop and working for the college's development office).

when in graduate school - i worked full-time, too, with paid internships at two non-profits in the city and a part-time job at another non-profit.

since that time, i've worked full-time, even when i attended law school.

so, i say all of this to make clear, that at the ripe old (or young, depending on your vantage point) age of 38, i am no stranger to work.

but, after a half day of being a full-time stay at home mama - cleaning the house, cleaning-up after emma, preparing her breakfast and lunch, taking her on an hour-long walk (in her stroller) through the neighborhood and adjacent park, attending emma's therapy session, and then going to her Gymboree class - i am completely and utterly worn out.

but...to employ another word to describe my present state of being:




as for her?

well, she's on her truck and ready to get out of dodge!

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