a rainy day app for an apple cheeks

so, it's raining again in our neck of the woods. and, by rain, i mean gutter-busting rainfall 

and thunderous clap-clap-claps that compelled one of our doggies to sneak ever-so-quietly into our little apple cheeks' room to protect her and hide himself from the thunderstorm while she was napping (or at least trying to nap until she (and, then i) realized that there was a doggie in her room).

yet another day of rain drove us to resort to electronics to keep our little e fully engaged and active. (as i think i've mentioned in a prior post, emma doesn't watch TV, but she does watch Signing Time videos to learn sign/verbal language skills.)

this, after going over her physical and speech therapy activities, reading too many books to count, napping, playing with educational and just-plain-fun toys, crawling all over the house commando-style, playing with the doggies, singing songs, riding on her little truck, Rody Pony, and rocking elephant, and eating her breakfast and lunch.

so on this oh-so-rainy day, emma had fun experimenting with one of the iPad's Dr. Seuss reading apps (insert big shout out to grandmommy for facilitating this by sharing her iPad and said app).

the app engaged emma, prompted her to touch the screen to "turn" pages, learn the sounds of the letters of the alphabet, and listen to stories. such fun!

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