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a link for your friday enjoyment and future use:

my awesome cousin (who is celebrating a birthday today; happy birthday!) recently passed along this great resource for parents (and families and friends) of children with special needs.

it's a new toy guide that Toys "R" Us published for "differently abled" children - from children with Down syndrome to children on the Autism spectrum.  it's filled with loads of great recommendations for toys that are developmentally appropriate for our special kids.

apparently, Toys "R" Us has been publishing this guide for 20 some years (kuddos to them!).

the guide is available online in both English and Spanish here. so cool!

p.s.-when you click on the link, you'll find a video about the guide. if you look at the tool bar above it, there is a list of options, including one that says "view guide."  if you click on that, you can either view the guide online or download it in PDF format for your future use as you decide what toys to purchase the special needs child in your life.

enjoy and happy friday!

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