a happy birthday wish from apple cheeks to her grandmommy


since moments before i was born, you were there assuring my mama that everything - no matter what the outcome - was going to be allright.

you were there for six weeks straight after i was born to take care of me, of my mama, and my dada when we needed you the most.

you were there nearly every week these past 14 months to love me, attend therapy with me, take me to gymboree, go to the library, the museums, on walks, and music class.

you have traveled with me and shown me parts of the world i had not known before.

you have read to me, made me home-cooked meals, given me my medicines, and held me when i didn't feel well.

you have bathed me and rocked me to sleep at night. and, sometimes, you've been the first person i see in the morning when i awake.

you have given me more than i'll ever recall or realize years from now when i am older. but do not fear, grandmommy, because my mama and dada will make sure i always know:

the gift of you;

of your loving and gentle and kind essence.

of your smile in the face of adversity.

of your faith and hope and belief in the best in others.

of your selflessness of heart and spirit.

of your continuous patience and grace.

of your unfailing care of and for me.

thank you grandmommy.

on, this your very special birthday, i want you to know how much i love, treasure, and appreciate you.



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