it's iPad apps time

emma has been using an iPad for most of the past year. we have it mainly for the speech/language, cause and effect, drawing, and storytime apps that are ubiquitous these days and so good for targeted work on speech/language and fine motor skill development in all kids, but particularly those with special needs.

this week, the Washington Post highlighted the use of iPads and various apps for children with special needs, ranging from learning disabilities to Autism. in case you didn't see them, here are the links to both the article on the growing (and successful) use of iPads with special needs children and the list of the best iPad apps for children with special needs.

emma uses several of those listed in the articles, in addition to a few that just make speech/language development fun, like Talking Tom, Articulation Station, and Wheels on the Bus. There are other great apps, too, that she likes. we use Doodle Buddy to draw on the iPad, which is good for her fine motor skills.  we also started using I Love Fireworks, which is just a fun cause and effect app.

are you using any great apps with your children? if so, please share!

happy friday!

love, apple cheeks' mama

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  1. I use StarfallABC's---it has the letters of the alphabet and little songs for each of the sounds they make. My 6 month old can do it!

    I also like READ ME STORIES--They give you a free book to read each day so that you'll read with your little one on a regular basis. Some stories are too long but I do like that you have to wait until they finish reading to move on to the next page (instead of tiny fingers tapping and moving you on haphazardly!).