an emma-zing month

given our silence over the past month (profuse apologies; it's been a hectic time), i thought you might like to know what miss emma has been up to.

here's the top ten in order of frequency:

1 surgery from which she is still recuperating.
2 seasonal children's train rides during which she waved at all the passers-by.
3 rounds of antibiotics.
4 plane rides in route to and from the home of her great-grandma and grandma and grandpa in Louisiana for Thanksgiving. such fun!
5 day trips, including Middleburg's most awesome holiday parade which features lots of doggies and horses; a visit to the Baltimore Aquarium; a tour of the region's art museums; enjoying a campfire and socializing with other kiddos at an area vineyard (that is super child and doggie friendly!); and visiting area orchards for seasonal fare. 
6 doctors visits completed.
7 new words spoken: under, duck, out, in, down, diaper, and hat.
8 gymboree art and play classes attended.
9 steps taken while holding my hand.
10 (times 2 plus a few more!) new words signed: thank you, please, sorry, sleepy, wash, bath, apple, horse, hat, mama, dada, grandma, brush, go, stop, up, down, cereal, banana, carrot, me, you, cold, hot, baby, signing, teeth, drink, and time.

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