My Day with Miss Emma "Apple Cheeks McGillicutty:"

1. "Eat" she declares as we ready her for the morning.
2. "Done" she states as she reaches up to end her breakfast.
3.  Physical therapy
4.  "Done" she exclaims several times during physical therapy, and then proceeds to wave goodbye to the therapist as she is crawling toward the kitchen.
5.  Play time
6. "Eat" she says quite clearly as her morning snack hour approaches.
7. "Done," she declares. She's had quite enough of her apple sauce, thank you very much.
8.  Play time
9.  Lunch with Dada - what a treat!
10. In route to our local children's library, she falls asleep. I sit in the car with her as she naps for an hour, doing work on my Droid, and waiting for her to wake up so we can go inside.
11. Read and play at the children's library.
12. "Done" she says between tears as the library looses its luster.
13. "Eat," she exclaims repeatedly as we drive home.
14.  Snack time
15. "Done" she says as she finishes her snack.
16.  Baby Signing Time
17. "Done," she declares as the Baby Signing Time video is ending, and she waves bye bye.
18.  Play time
19.  "Eat" "Eat" "Eat" I hear as I prepare her dinner.
20.  Dinner
21. "Done," she states emphatically; it is clear that dinner was not a hit.
22.  Bath time, only minutes into which she exclaims (no surprise here; it's the theme of our day):
23. "Done" as she repeatedly makes the sign for milk, milk, milk.
24.  Bottle of milk, a song, and a story and
25.  Sweet sleep for my sweet little one.

And we are all "done" until tomorrow....

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  1. What a full, fun day! I bet you both slept well that night. :)